There are several rooms available to reserve inside of the Parrish Library of Management and Economics. To Reserve: Decide which room you would like and then click on the green availability squares below.

Hollister Conference Room

Hollister Conference Room
  • Room #: KRAN 202
  • Capacity: 12-24
  • This medium conference room is well-suited for meetings. It contains a conference table surrounded by 12 chairs with 12 additional chairs available. The room also features an instructor station, large screen monitor, VoIP phone with conferencing capabilities, and small kitchenette with a fridge and counter-top. This room is also set up for BoilerCast audio capture.

Financial Conference Room

Financial Conference Room
  • Room #: KRAN 230A
  • Capacity: 11-21
  • This medium conference room designed as a high tech meeting space. It seats 11 at the conference table and 10 additional seats are available in the room. The room features a television, VoIP phone with conferencing capabilities, and webcam as well as laptop compatibility. When making your reservation, alert the Parrish iDesk to any technology needs.

Learn Lab

Learn Lab
  • Room #: KRAN 250
  • Capacity: 40
  • The Parrish Library houses the Learn Lab, a medium computer lab designed for innovative multimedia instruction. The Lab contains 40 computer terminals, 1 instructor station, 3 flat panel screens, and multiple dry erase boards. This room will also support video conferencing and is set up for BoilerCast. When not reserved, the space becomes an open lab for students.

Corporate Study Room

Corporate Study Room A
  • Room #: KRAN 258/260
  • Capacity: 35
  • This room is composed of two conjoined rooms and is suited for receptions and conferences. KRAN 258 features an open layout with three small tables, several study carrels, and casual seating. KRAN 260 resembles a more traditional meeting space with two large conference tables each seating 10. Counters are available for catering.