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Cyanotypes: the Photographic Blueprint

Cyanotypes: the Photographic Blueprint In-Person

Explore the magic of early photography at the intersection of art and science. Invented in 1842 by Sir John Herschel, cyanotype is an introductory alternative photographic process that creates a blue and white negative image. This workshop will teach you the foundational skills to create cyanotypes with photogram and cliché verre methods, making photographic prints without the use of a camera. We will also briefly cover the chemistry, historical significance, and how contemporary artists are pushing the medium. No photographic experience is necessary to dive into this medium! You will use camera-less methods to create an 8.5x11 inch cyanotype on fabric.


Please bring objects with you to this workshop that you would like to make a composition.The photogram method involves laying objects directly on top of a light-sensitive material to record the forms. For this workshop, objects should not exceed 3 inches tall (height), and it is recommended that an object’s area does not exceed 6x10 inches (width x length). For example, you could bring a glass bottle and lay it on its side, this would not exceed the 3-inch height limit.

Example objects to get you brainstorming: branches/twigs, leaves, flowers, combs, cassette tapes, circular orange slices, tea bags, feathers, necklaces, lace fabrics, bubble wrap, keys, Slinkys, mason jars/glass bottles, eye glasses. Have fun with it! These are just suggestions. If you don’t bring objects to the workshop, you can use materials in the Knowledge Lab to make your composition.

Cliché Verre:

The version of cliché verre we will cover uses transparency sheet film and permanent marker (provided in workshop) to create a hand drawn negative. The black lines you make on the transparency film will create white lines in cyanotype image. Participants can choose to combine the cliché verre with the photogram method.

Monday, March 4, 2024
3:00pm - 5:00pm
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Nathan Wilkinson